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Feedback on MIFC:

We are currently reviewing the Media Initiative for Children Programme (MIFC) and would like to hear your thoughts. You can either leave your comments in person in the suggestions box at the entrance of the pre-school, or go to our Facebook page and use the poll to leave your opinions. (Please bear in mind that this group is closed, meaning only parents/carers of current children can access it).

Thank you!

Pre-School Graduation:

For current pre-schoolers, we are holding a graduation ceremony in Cregagh Community Centre Hall at 11.30am on Wednesday 18th June. All parents, grandparents, carers etc are welcome to attend.

Final Day:

Friday 30th June is our final day for all current pre-school children so we will be having an End of Year party to celebrate! Dressing up is optional.

Media Initiative for Children (MIFC):

On the week beginning 16th January 2023, we will be starting MIFC. The programme is designed to help children learn about and respect different cultures from around the world. For more information regarding this initiative, please see the email sent out to parents/guardians.

Monthly Themes:

In Cregagh Pre-School, we follow a different theme each month. The theme for the month of May is transport. In pre-school we will be discussing the different types of transport and who operates them. To assist your child in this area, you can talk about different modes of transport and help them to count the ones you see when out on a walk such as cars, planes, trains etc.

Education Authority Parenting Advice:

Check back here for all the latest news at Cregagh Pre-School.

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