Latest News

May Day:

The pre-school will be closed on Monday 2nd April for the bank holiday.

Primary 1 Application

Application results for primary 1 will be posted online on Thursday 28th April. You will either receive an email from Education Authority or you can go online by clicking this link. Good Luck!

Important Information:

Covid regulations:

* Please remember social distancing when gathering to drop off/ collect your child.

* Please wear a mask or shield when speaking to a member of staff. 

* Bags, toys and electronic devices from home are NOT permitted into the Pre-School room.

* Please do NOT bring your child to Pre-School if they are running a temperature or are showing any symptoms of COVID-19. Keep them home with you and speak to a doctor if necessary. 

Social Media:

* We have a closed group on Facebook for parents only. Search for: Cregagh Pre-School Parents Forum, where you will need to ask to become a member. During the year, we will post photos and information relevant to our pre-school here. 

Snack money: 

* Please bring snack money for the week (£3.50) every Monday

* We will provide your child with a healthy snack and drink. 

Monthly Themes:

In Cregagh Pre-School, we follow a different theme each month. The theme for April is spring and baby animals. We learn about the season of spring and the changes it brings such as the fact that many baby animals are born around this time of year. You can help assist your child in this area by pointing out the changes you see like the brighter and longer days and new flowers growing such as daffodils.

Education Authority Parenting Advice:

Check back here for all the latest news at Cregagh Pre-School.

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